VESTAMID® Terra DD is partly based on renewable raw materials and in general has the highest performance of all the bio-based polyamides. Technically speaking, VESTAMID® Terra DD is similar to other high-performance long-chain polyamides such as PA 12 and PA 11. It shows a very high impact strength and heat resistance. Due to its semi-crystalline morphology, VESTAMID Terra DD provides an excellent chemical resistance, e.g., against greases, oils, fuels and hydraulic fluids. It is the best choice in applications where stiffness and impact strength are required.


VESTAMID® Terra DD (PA 1012) at a glance: 

  • 45 -100% based on bio-renewables

  • Carbon Footprint: 5,2 kg CO2eq.

  • High dimensional stability

  • Very low water absorption so that the mechanical properties are scarcely affected by changes in atmospheric humidity

  • High impact resistance especially at low temperatures

  • Heat resistance

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • For use at high temperatures

  • Transparent; in contrast to other semicrystalline polyamides, it can therefore be processed to films with good transparency

  • Fills a position comparable to PA 12 and PA 1212