Nature produces many materials, designs and principles that are technically unmatched. In this respect, what could be a better role model for us today than nature? Achieving nature’s ideal is the challenge we have faced at FKuR for over 20 years. In this challenge of striving for perfection, we have developed innovations in the field of bio-based and biodegradable plastics that meet the highest standards and set new benchmarks along the way.

We are one of the leading suppliers of bioplastics. Our compounds are tailored products for a variety of applications and processing methods. The sense of duty we feel toward our customers and our passion for products that combine sustainability with pioneering material properties are reflected in our motto:

Nature as guideline. Plastics as passion. Customers as partners.

Choose a processing method

3D Printing3D Printing

High dimensional stability and flexibility with low processing temperatures in 3D printing.

Blow mouldingBlow moulding

Simple processing with Green HDPE on existing equipment.

Blown film extrusionBlown film extrusion

Biodegradable or bio-based for mono  or multilayer films down to 8 µ thickness, tear-resistant and puncture resistant.

Extrusion coatingExtrusion coating

Green PE or Bio-Flex® with low neck-in and good adhesion on paper.

Fibre extrusionFibre extrusion

PLA and bio-based polyamides can be processed into flexible and resistant fibres.

Injection blow mouldingInjection blow moulding

Our partly biobased PET is an ideal solution for the production of transparent preforms. 

Injection mouldingInjection moulding

Biograde® or Green PE: good flow properties for delicate components and long flow paths with short cycle times


Bio-based and biodegradable grades for lamination of films and paper.


Fibrolon® and Terralene® WF can accurately be processed . For weatherproof, robust and attractive profiles.

Sheet extrusionSheet extrusion

For transparent or colored sheets: rigid, tough and dimensionally stable.


Clean cutting, short cycle times, amorphous and crystalline grades available

You could not find it?You could not find it?

Been searching for a processing method and not found it? We would be happy to assist you. You may find your contact person here.

Choose an application

Agricultural filmsAgricultural films

Biodegradable mulch films from Bio-Flex: more robust than products made from starch for minimal use of pesticides


Biodegradable bags from Bio-Flex®: tear resistant, flexible and compostable according to EN 13432.


Transparent, made from Bio PET and PLA or flexible made from Bio-Flex: Certified for food contact

Bottles & CanistersBottles & Canisters

Biobased hollow parts from Green PE, impact resistant, recyclable without any loss in performance

Caps & ClosuresCaps & Closures

Undercuts and film hinges possible, dimensionally stable, rigid yet resilient, also with complex forms.

Containers & BinsContainers & Bins

Robust and impact resistant: Green PE is sustainable and has high UV stability


High quality cosmetics packaging – scratch resistant, glossy, transparent, coloured or in wooden optics.


Bioplastics for high quality fibres: flexible, dimensionally stable, tear resistant and abrasion resistant

Food packagingFood packaging

Suitable for VFFS: breathable, neutral in taste and smell. Safe, strong packaging for food.


Biodegradable and bio-based solutions, UV and weather resistant

Hygienic filmsHygienic films

Bio-Flex® hygienic films: flexible, breathable with high water vapour transmission barrier and good skin contact comfort thanks to soft touch.


Film laminates made from bioplastics: e. g. Bio PA, Bio PET, PLA or Bio-Flex can be combined in a variety of ways


Compostable nettings made from Bio-Flex® or bio-based nettings made from Green PE can be extruded or knitted.

Paper laminationPaper lamination

Perfectly processable: Laminations from Bio-Flex® and Green PE – low neck-in, good adhesion, sealable.

Shrink filmsShrink films

Bio-based solutions from Green LLDPE and LDPE: tear and puncture resistant with high contact transparency.

Stretch filmStretch film

Green LLDPE and LDPE offer tough, transparent and bio-based solutions for a wide range of applications

Technical PartsTechnical Parts

High gloss and wooden fiber optics, scratch and impact resistant


Free from BPA and in accordance with toy safety standard EN 71-3


Good barrier properties made from Bio-Flex or transparent from Bio PET and PLA.

Waste bagsWaste bags

Possible to down gauge to 10 µm film thickness and with good tear resistance  –  substantially higher barrier to water vapour than films made from starch

Extensive portfolio of bio-based and biodegradable drop-in plastics

As a leading producer of customized bioplastics, we offer a broad range of bio-based and biodegradable resins. In line with our commitment to sustainable raw materials, FKuR has moreover been selected as the distribution partner for a variety of bio-based plastics. Our portfolio comprises the following products:

I’m Green

FKuR offers customized solutions

Select a production method and a product application. We will show you the different solutions that are possible with our bioplastics.

Contact in your region

FKuR stands for highest quality products, cooperation in partnerships and long-term relationships. In order to provide our customers with full service from initial consultation to development and production along with marketing of the finished product, we work with global partners locally. You can find the contact data on the world map.

Niklas Voß

Phone: +49 (0) 2154 925159
Fax: +49 (0) 2154 925151

Niklas Voß

Phone: +49 (0) 2154 925159
Fax: +49 (0) 2154 925151

Eike Langenberg

Phone: +49 (0) 2154 925155
Fax: +49 (0) 2154 925151

Niklas Voß

Phone: +49 (0) 2154 925159
Fax: +49 (0) 2154 925151

Graham Whitchurch (company Solutions 4 Plastic)

Mobile: +44 770 372 2420
Phone: +44 1724 720 444

Eike Langenberg

Phone: +49 (0) 2154 925155
Fax: +49 (0) 2154 925151

Timo Forss
 (company Bang & Bonsomer Group Oy)

Itälahdenkatu 18 A
00210 Helsinki, Finland

Phone: +358 9 681 081

Fax: +358 9 692 4174

Jenny Zoupidou (company Delta Chemicals)

Phone: +30 210 347 0780
Fax: +30 210 345 4085

Alpha Trade

Karel Krpan
Via Breda 29/9
35010 Limena (PD)

Tel.: +39 328 4579144


Liliana Zoppello

Tel.: +39 049 7991838 

Diana Engels

Phone: +49 (0) 2154 925157
Fax: +49 (0) 2154 925151

Rui Marinho (company Horquim)

Phone: +351 939 670 011

Diana Engels

Phone: +49 (0) 2154 925157
Fax: +49 (0) 2154 925151

Pavel Prosvetov (company TampoMechanika)

Phone: +7 499 250 7260
Fax: +7 499 250 6227

Eike Langenberg

Phone: +49 (0) 2154 925155
Fax: +49 (0) 2154 925151

Bjarne Högström (company Polymerfront)

Phone: +46 705 370 865

Mert Kumru (company Kumrukimya)

Phone: +90 212 292 2348
Fax: +90 212 292 5027

Timo Forss
 (company Bang & Bonsomer Group Oy)

Itälahdenkatu 18 A
00210 Helsinki, Finland

Phone: +358 9 681 081

Fax: +358 9 692 4174

Sachin Jain (company SKYi Innovations LLP)

Phone: +91 976 549 9896

Yariv Szpektor (company Modiplast)

Phone: +972 396 782 34
Fax: +972 396 788 21

Hugo Longobucco (company Longobucco Consultant)

Phone: +54 11 42 39 7411

Claudia Sanchez (company Petroquim)

Phone: +56 2351 6730
Fax: +56 2351 6795

Eloy Cordero (company Macropol)

Phone: +52 55 108 35 815
Fax: +52 55 5239 5697

FKuR Plastics Corp.

1208 CR 419
TX 78947 - USA

Phone: +1 512 986 8478

Fax: +1 512 986 5346
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Our mission

The awareness of the uniqueness of our earth and the world population living on it, motivated the members of FKuR to incorporate a company that is conscious of this appreciation and lives this philosophy in a responsible way.

We would like to create effective materials by means of efficient research and development that benefits from its commercial opportunities in a universally fair way. Our profits shall be used to contribute to preserve and improve the natural conditions of life through resource conservation and an ecological balance.

FKuR benefits especially from the cooperation with all of its employees and worldwide partners. We see ourselves as a “family business”, that combines  “joie de vivre” and enthusiasm with discipline and sense of responsibility in an operational team with due respect to an individual’s freedom.

Environmental Policy Statement

You may find our Environmental Policy Statement here.

Time to change!

It’s time to change -with the new Bio-Flex® home compost grades by FKuR.