For over 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to nature and its uniqueness. Following our foundation in 1992 we wanted to contribute to the conservation of resources and the ecological balance by focusing
on recycling.

We are still convinced that nature is the best recycler with a perfectly functioning closed loop system. This belief laid the foundation for the actual development of bioplastics and the establishment of FKuR Kunststoff GmbH in 2003, with the focus on bioplastics.

Generally, raw bioplastics (starch, PLA, PHA, PBS and others) are not easy to use and are therefore blended and compounded into more functional materials. This processing of raw bioplastics requires special knowledge in the field of additives and a smooth compounding process.

The growth of the FKuR product range is mainly based on bioplastics for the packaging of short life products (food packaging, waste bags, diaper back sheets and others). Here the biodegradability and the alternative disposal route for the consumer are particularly of benefit.

The need for bioplastics for durable goods is constantly growing and will in the medium term exceed the need for shorter life products. Since the relevance of biodegradability takes a back seat in this context and sometimes is even not desired, the research and development of FKuR increasingly focuses on the increased use of natural resources.