Fibrolon® S 7530

Biobased and biodegradable WPC compound with 30% wood fibers for injection molding and profile extrusion

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Product information

Fibrolon® S 7530 is a biodegradable compound based on polylactic acid (PLA) and other compostable biopolymers. It consists of a very high proportion of renewable raw materials. Due to the excellent bonding of the wood fibers to the polymer, Fibrolon® S 7530 exhibits exceptionally high mechanical strengths that are comparable to conventional fiber-reinforced WPC – e.g. based on PP. The natural fibers used come exclusively from European softwoods. Fibrolon® S 7530 is also approved for contact with foods.

Biobased carbon content


Percentage of natural fibers


Melt flow rate (190°C/5kg)

10.0 g/10 min

Processing methods

You can process Fibrolon® S 7530 with these methods: