Coffee Capsules from Bioplastics

Enjoying coffee should leave nothing but good taste. With our granules, you make coffee capsules from compostable and renewable raw materials.


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No coffee at all is not a solution either!

First thing in the morning, coffee to wake up. After all, who hasn’t experienced this? In the office, the first thing we do after switching on the computer is go to the coffee machine. Here, different coffee lovers with different preferences come together, so capsule machines are a simple, viable solution. Unfortunately, so much variety also has a disadvantage, because most systems produce more waste from the capsules than a fully automatic machine or a filter machine. It’ s no secret that aluminum capsules are also bad for the environment. The coffee grounds, as organic waste, are not the problem, but the pods, whether made from fossil plastics or aluminum. So how can we continue to maintain the advantages of easy preparation and high coffee and flavor quality while still establishing a sustainable concept? Because one thing is clear: no coffee at all is not a solution either.


Sustainable coffee packaging with renewable raw materials and certified compostability

With our bio-based and compostable Bio-Flex® granules, coffee capsules can be produced without causing headaches among environmentally conscious consumers. With renewable raw materials and certified compostability according to EN 13432, our Bio-Flex® offers an alternative waste route. Technically, nothing would stand in the way of disposal via the bio garbage can. (Please note the regional regulations and ordinances here.) After all, with certified compostable capsules, the coffee grounds can be disposed of directly together with the packaging. This turns waste into a new resource: valuable compost!

Produce compostable coffee capsules with Bio-Flex®

With Bio-Flex® S 7514, we offer you an injection molding grade that is 75% bio-based, biodegradable and industrially compostable in accordance with EN 13432. Bio-Flex® S 7514 is also characterized by its good flowability and high temperature resistance. This grade is also approved for contact with food and can be processed on standard injection molding machines and tools.

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