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Do you want to switch to sustainable packaging solutions? With our granules, you can coat paper with bio-based, recyclable plastics.


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Packaging is sustainable!

Most food products today are packaged in plastic – whether fruit & vegetables, meat, cheese, frozen or convenience goods. The main purpose of packaging is to protect food from contamination and damage during transport. Plastic packaging is also hygienic and extends the shelf life of food, which can reduce food waste.


Coated paper replaces plastic packaging

A plastic coating is versatile: paper, cardboard and even printing on packaging is no problem. Basically, paper is an ecologically sound resource that can be recycled again. For many uses today, paper is combined with other materials, such as plastic, to make it more robust, dirt-repellent or food-safe.


Plant-based plastic coating saves natural resources

Environmentally friendly packaging is important. A holistic approach is required here. Fossil resources are preserved with a bio-based and high-quality coating for cardboard, paper and hard paper products. A thin coating protects the packaged goods and yet is easily removable in the recycling process. In this way, bio-based coatings prevent mineral oil, e.g. from recycled paper, from migrating to the food.


Food grade coating that repels grease and oil

With a bio-based LDPE coating, liquid or greasy products are packaged in a completely leak-proof manner. The coating also easily withstands sharp or acidic ingredients that attack the packaging material. We offer bioplastics that are suitable for blown film extrusion and subsequent lamination as well as direct extrusion coating.


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