Fibrolon® 3D Bamboo

Wood-polymer composite with bamboo fibers for 3D printing

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Product information

Fibrolon® 3D Bamboo can be used to produce robust, decorative PLA-based filaments. The added bamboo fibers give components made from this biobased and biodegradable bioplastic a natural wood-like appearance. The filament therefore shines in a very natural vivid color. Fibrolon® 3D Bamboo Filaments are easy to print, have a high stability and are still very light. All Fibrolon® 3D grades are equally well suited for the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) process, as they have a relatively narrow melting window at low temperatures. In addition, the low processing temperature leads to easier control of the printer and simplifies the regulation of the printing process. In the printing process, filaments made of Fibrolon® 3D Bamboo stand out due to their good adhesion between the layers. Another advantage of the bamboo filament is the smell, during printing it smells pleasantly like popcorn!

Biobased carbon content


Natural fibers

Sustainably produced bamboo fibers from Europe

Melt flow rate (190°C/2.16kg)

4.5 g/10 min

Processing methods

You can process Fibrolon® 3D Bamboo with these methods: