Bio-Kunststoffe für nachhaltige Verpackungen

Bottles and Canisters from Bioplastics

Bio-based hollow containers, such as bottles and canisters, made of bio-based HDPE are impact resistant, recyclable, and can be manufactured without compromising performance.

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Convenient, light and stable: bottles and canisters made of plastic

High-quality HDPE plastics can be used to produce robust and extremely functional plastic canisters and plastic bottles that can be used to easily store and safely transport liquid, fine-grained, rough-grained or viscous products. Plastic bottles are particularly lightweight and robust, which consumers appreciate in particular. They also perfectly protect the contents, whether high-quality cosmetics, body care products, cleaners or beverages, from environmental influences and enable easy transport.


Canisters are particularly suitable for cost-saving transport and storage of water, gasoline, chemical substances, cleaning agents or beverages. They are very robust, tight and have increased resistance to mechanical damage.

Plastic for the production of bio-based and recyclable bottles and canisters

For the production of bottles and canisters by blow molding, you have the choice between bio-based and recyclable plastic alternatives, such as I’m green polyethylene (Bio-PE), Bio-PET or our customized Terralene® compounds. In certain circumstances, the use of a bio-based and biodegradable Bio-Flex® granulate may also be appropriate. Our bioplastics experts will be pleased to advise you on your options with regard to product properties as well as recycling and disposal options.


I’m green Polyethylene (Bio-PE) and Terralene® conserve valuable fossil resources

As “drop-in” solutions, all Green PE grades can be processed like conventional polyethylene, so no adjustments in the production process or investments in new tools are required. The mechanical properties and recyclability are also the same as conventional polyethylene. Bottles and canisters made of Green PE are particularly robust, chemical-resistant, colorable, food-safe and 100% recyclable. The use of renewable raw materials for the production of Green PE helps to conserve fossil resources and reduce harmful greenhouse gases.

In addition to these bio-based standard plastics, we offer mechanically optimized blow molding grades with our Terralene®. Compared to Green PE, they are characterized by higher flexibility, lower tendency to stress whitening and better barrier properties against certain substances. With Terralene® PP, we also offer you the possibility of producing bio-based packaging with conventional polypropylene properties.

All Terralene® grades are based on renewable raw materials and have very good recyclability. They are resistant to chemicals, easy to color, have a high resistance to stress whitening and are easy to print.

The use of a bio-based plastic adds value to your packaging and shows the consumer that sustainability is consistently pursued to the end.


Transparent beverage and cosmetic bottles made from bio-PET

Bio-PET is a transparent, lightweight and stable plastic that is partly based on renewable raw materials. PET is mainly used for beverage bottles, blister packs or transparent food packaging.

Whether in disposable or reusable beverage bottles, Bio-PET performs just fine in both cases and is in no way inferior to its fossil counterpart in terms of properties, safety and recyclability. Chemically and physically, Eastlon Bio-PET is no different from crude oil-based polymer variants. Unlike these standard polymers, the ethylene glycol component of Bio-PET is made from bioethanol, i.e. from renewable raw materials.

Bottles made of bio-based PET are very convenient to handle because they are light and unbreakable. This is why carbonated soft drinks and water, for example, but also juices or nectars are offered in PET bottles. Due to their low intrinsic weight compared to glass bottles, fewer resources are consumed, especially during transport.


Biodegradable plastics for bottles and canisters

Bottles and canisters up to 1.5l capacity can also be produced from our biodegradable Bio-Flex® blow mold grades. These can be optimally processed on conventional extrusion blow molding equipment and tools. Bio-Flex® compounds are based on the renewable bioplastic PLA (polylactide) and are fully biodegradable (according to EN 13432). In contrast to Bio-PET or Bio-PE, however, bottles made from this bioplastic granulate have significantly lower barrier properties to water vapor and oxygen.

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