Biobased TPE compounds for extrusion and injection molding

Terraprene® is a product family of high-quality thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds with variable proportions of renewable raw materials. Our Bio-TPE portfolio includes various series with individually adjustable hardness grades from 40 Shore A to 40 Shore D.

Highlights of our Terraprene®


Abrasion resistant

Durable and long-lasting

Shore hardness individually adjustable

Thermoplastic elastomers with variable proportion of renewable raw materials

Bio-based elastomers are thermoplastics produced from renewable biomass. The bio-based content can result from raw materials such as polymers, fillers, plasticizers or additives that have been produced from renewable feedstocks. This range includes materials such as Bio-TPU and Bio-TPE.

Terraprene® is a new bio-based TPE product line with a renewable raw material content of between 40% and 90%. The performance and durability properties of our Terraprene® TPE compounds are similar to those of conventional petrochemical-based TPEs.  Our Terraprene® thermoplastic elastomer compounds are optimized for extrusion and injection molding and can be processed on existing equipment and molds.

Terraprene® can replace conventional TPEs in many applications. The application range covers all TPE applications, such as soft-touch handles, seals for closures, as well as applications in consumer goods, sports equipment or toys. Two-component (2K) injection molding can also be applied to produce complex multifunctional parts.


TPE granules can be used to create soft, smooth or non-slip surfaces with a pleasant feel

Biobased Terraprene® TPEs are exceptionally versatile. Our many years of experience in compounding bioplastics enable us to develop grades for soft, smooth or non-slip surface haptics. Likewise, flexibility and hardness can be tailored to the specific application. Manufacturers using Terraprene® can have the Shore hardness individually adjusted between Shore A40 and Shore D40.


For unlimited design freedom, Terraprene® can be individually colored or filled with natural fibers

All Terraprene® grades can be individually colored. The density can also be adjusted according to customer requirements. For the production of products with unique and eye-catching design features, fillings with wood fibers or other natural fibers are possible. In this way, woody surfaces with a soft feel can be realized, providing soft and natural surface visualization.


Bio-based TPE für 2-K applications

The grades of the Terraprene® SI 701 & 801 series are available in Shore hardnesses A40 to A80. Their properties correspond to those of conventional TPE-S grades. Typical applications include two-component injection molding, especially together with polyolefins to which good adhesion is obtained.


Terraprene® CI – Oil-free bio-based TPE compounds

New to the range are two oil-free TPE compounds that can substitute TPE-O and PVC in many injection molding applications due to their soft-touch feel and high bend and deformation resistance.


Advantages of Terraprene® at a glance:

  • based on renewable resources
  • same properties as fossil TPE grades
  • low odor
  • easy to color
  • special “touch-and-feel” experience
  • Shore hardness adjustable on customer request from Shore A40 to Shore D 40
  • individual adjustment of properties possible
  • Equipped with appropriate additives according to customer requirements
  • Recyclable in closed loops