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All-rounder storage box: whether to keep fresh, to store easily and safely or to transport, with boxes made of renewable raw materials you are always well equipped.


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Boxes and containers made from renewable raw materials do a good job at home and on the road

For all those who want to keep food fresh, store it or take it with them on the go, storage boxes are the ideal solution. Plastic lunch boxes and lunch containers are particularly practical and, with their light weight, the ideal companion for on the go. Combining food “to go” with a balanced, healthy diet is becoming increasingly important for consumers. Reusable instead of disposable is the motto. With versatile lunch and bread boxes, food can be kept fresh for longer and can even be taken along separately thanks to clever systems. Whether in daycare centers, schools or offices, the colorful plastic boxes have been proving their usefulness for years. After all, it’s no wonder that people even hold their own parties for the famous plastic boxes.

Fresh longer, for less waste

Storage boxes are designed primarily for space-saving and simple food keeping. These practical helpers should not be missing in any kitchen. Opened food packaging often does not offer sufficient protection against germs and moisture, which is why mold and loss of flavor are inevitable. Storage containers offer full protection and keep both dry and cooked food fresh for longer. Above all, this ensures that less food has to be wasted and thrown away.

Are you still packed tight?

With all containers, the most important thing is a good tight fit between the container and the lid, so that everything remains closed. The tightness of the lid is also crucial for hygiene. This is a particular challenge, especially for boxes that are to be cleaned in the dishwasher. Due to the high temperatures during rinsing and drying, there is a risk that plastic parts will warp and no longer close tightly. However, consumers do not want to and do not have to do without easy handling and hygienic cleaning with the right container.


Safe protection and resource conservation with high-quality fresh food containers and freezer boxes made from renewable raw materials

Less waste, more conscious consumption and a more sustainable way of life. These issues are of concern not only to consumers, but also to companies. As reusable products, fresh food containers, lunch boxes and lunch tins have always fulfilled the basic principles of a recyclable product. Nevertheless, these clever everyday helpers are mostly made of crude oil plastics. A finite resource whose extraction is becoming increasingly difficult and often more harmful to the environment.


This is precisely where we come in with our innovative bioplastics made from renewable raw materials. With our drop-in granulates, you can produce durable, dishwasher- and freezer-safe boxes from renewable raw materials that not only conserve finite fossil resources, but can also be fully recycled in established material streams at the end of their life. An all-around successful concept.


Plastics made from renewable raw materials for the production of sustainable fresh food boxes and containers

With our Terralene® grades, we offer you a bioplastic alternative for the production of sustainable storage boxes, fresh food and freezer boxes. While increased flexibility is needed for the lid, the box itself should be as rigid and dimensionally stable as possible. Through appropriate modifications, we have optimized our Terralene® compounds for the production of storage boxes in terms of elasticity, demoldability and stress distortion.

Due to the good barrier properties of Terralene®, even moisture- and oxygen-sensitive products can be packaged and given a longer shelf life. As one of the few bioplastics, Terralene® offers not only a high barrier but also outstanding chemical resistance. Therefore, in addition to food, cosmetics or cleaning agents can also be packaged and stored with a shelf life equivalent to that of conventional PE packaging.

Neither dishwasher temperatures nor the cleaning agents in detergents or dishwasher tabs affect Terralene®. The parts retain their functionality and tightness and withstand the repeated stresses of opening and closing the boxes. We offer a specially developed material type for the production of lunch boxes with film hinges. Of course, these Terralene® grades are food safe as well as free of BPA and therefore absolutely harmless.

Our granules can be processed on conventional injection molding equipment and existing PE or PP molds. After use, products made from Terralene® can be integrated into existing polyethylene recycling streams.

In addition to food storage and freezer boxes, Terralene® is also ideal for other kitchen and household utensils such as bowls, drinking cups and cutlery.

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