Engineering bioplastic compounds for the production of plastic components by injection molding

Biograde® is a range of thermoplastic, high-performance compounds based on bio-based plastics. All products in this grade series are tailored to their specific application purpose. Impact-modified, UV-stabilized and glass-fiber-reinforced grades are offered as standard.

Highlights of our Biograde®

Based on renewable resources

Processable in injection molding on existing equipment and molds


non-biodegradable, therefore long usage time

Application-oriented additivation

Technical biopolymers for injection molding

The Biograde® range comprises a series of specialty compounds based on renewable raw materials. By means of material blends and modifications, we adjust the properties of this family of granules to make them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Biograde® biopolymers can replace engineering plastics in a wide range of products. They are characterized in particular by high stiffness and strength. Depending on the application, it is possible to choose between low- and high-viscosity grades. Due to its good flow properties, Biogarde® can be easily processed on existing injection molding equipment. Many other variants with different performance characteristics and additives are available.

The main areas of application for our performance biocompounds are in the field of technical parts. Due to its scratch-resistant and low-wear surface, Biogarde® grades are also suitable for the production of highly stressed housing parts. The excellent heat resistance also meets the requirements of the electronics and household appliance industries for a high level of appliance and usage safety.

Due to their superior performance and durability, Biograde® product grades are designed for a long useful life, but are not biodegradable.

Weatherproof bio-plastics with UV stabilization

Plastics used outdoors can be exposed to massive weathering. Outdoor applications therefore require weather-resistant plastics that can withstand the negative influences of, for example, UV radiation or changing temperatures. Both the optical appearance and the mechanical properties should not be negatively affected.

Where fossil plastics are already reaching their limits, these environmental influences pose a problem for unstabilized bioplastics in particular. That is why the Biograde® range contains UV-stabilized compounds that defy these weather conditions. They are particularly suitable for outdoor applications.


Impact resistant or glass fiber reinforced bioplastic granules

Glass fibers are one of the most commonly used reinforcing fibers for polymers. The mechanical properties can be optimized by fiber addition, especially with regard to tensile strength or pressure resistance. In addition, the heat resistance is positively influenced.

Typical applications for the impact-resistant and glass-fiber-reinforced grades are applications in the electrical and electronics industries. In addition, Biograde® can also be used for household and technical applications. Here, Biograde® granules convince with high stiffness, high mechanical strength and toughness.


Flame retardant bioplastics

An important issue, especially for technical applications, is good flame retardancy of products, whether made from bioplastics or fossil plastics. Unfortunately, flame retardancy in bioplastics is usually followed by a loss of mechanical properties, i.e. impact strength and elongation at break deteriorate. In addition, there is a lack of compatible and biogenic flame retardants to make bioplastics flame retardant according to fire classes UL94-V0.

FKuR is taking up this challenge and is involved as a research and development partner in a large number of funded joint projects. In the TechPLAstic joint project, for example, a flame-retardant PLA compound is to be developed for injection molding applications that can be used as an alternative to conventional plastics. For this, a fire protection classification of UL94 V-0 and a dimensional stability above 100°C are targeted.


If we do not yet have the perfect bioplastic granulate for you, we will create it – with competence, determination and unlimited innovative spirit.


Advantages of Biograde® at a glance:

  • high rigidity
  • attractive surfaces
  • high heat resistance
  • excellent flowability
  • processable on standard injection molding machines and molds
  • weather-resistant, impact-resistant and reinforced grades available