We have been an owner-managed family business for more than 30 years. FKuR, that stands for highest quality, cooperation in partnership and long-term relationships.

An eventful history

More than 30 years into our company’s history, we are also proud to continue to be an owner-managed family business. FKuR stands for highest quality, cooperation in partnership and long-term relationships.

Not only our customers but also our international cooperation partners trust in that. No matter whether it is about joint development, marketing or distribution of your products, we think internationally and act locally: Present on site – there for you at any time.

Dr. Edmund Dolfen, founder and visionary and forerunner of FKuR

The beginnings from 1992

The history of FKuR begins in 1992 with the foundation of the Research Institute Plastics and Recycling, which focused on the recycling of plastics. We have always been committed to nature and its uniqueness. Thus, the origin of our company goes back to the idea of contributing to the conservation of resources and to the ecological balance, in the beginning mainly in the field of recycling.

At that time, Dr. Edmund Dolfen was already convinced that nature itself is the best recycler. This was also the cornerstone for the development of bioplastics and the new foundation of FKuR Kunststoff GmbH in 2003.

The start of a new era

Since 2003, FKuR has been developing and marketing biodegradable and bio-based plastics worldwide.  With target-oriented research and development, we create sustainable materials that conserve limited fossil resources, maintain the ecological balance and can thus improve natural living conditions.

Our vision “Plastics – made by nature!” stands for this mission. Today, FKuR is considered one of the leading manufacturers of bioplastic compounds and a promoter of the circular economy.