Biobased and compostable starch compounds for rapidly degrading films

Compostable bioplastics made from renewable raw materials are our strength! That is why we have developed Ceroflex® Starch Blends, a rapidly composting bioplastic solution as a useful addition to our broad portfolio.

Highlights of our Ceroflex®

GMO free

made from European non-GMO corn starch

Certified compostable

depending on the grade, Ceroflex® is industrially or home compostable

Composts particularly quickly

Ceroflex is rapidly degraded by microorganisms even at higher film thicknesses

High breathability

high water vapor permeability allows packaged products to "breathe"

Compostable starch blends based on renewable resources

Ceroflex® is a product family of innovative, biodegradable and compostable bioplastic compounds based on thermoplastic starch. For the production of Ceroflex® we use GMO-free corn starch from Europe as a renewable raw material source.


Certified industrial or home compostable (according to EN 13432) granules

Our Ceroflex® products have similar usage and processing properties to mass-produced fossil plastics (such as polyethylene), but unlike these, they are certified biodegradable and compostable according to the European standard EN 13432. Our portfolio includes certified industrially compostable (according to EN 13432) as well as home compostable Ceroflex® granules. Depending on the product, these materials are designed to biodegrade quickly under the standardized conditions of an industrial composting plant or in home garden compost. In the process, Ceroflex® is completely converted by microorganisms to CO2, water and biomass. In contrast to our PLA-based Bio-Flex® product family, Ceroflex® granules are characterized by a significantly higher degradation rate, especially at lower temperatures.


Processability on existing production lines

Ceroflex® is a ready-to-use compound. It requires no further modification and can be processed into films or injection molded articles on existing equipment without any adjustment.

The main applications for Ceroflex® are carrier bags, compostable bags for organic waste , fruit and vegetable bags, as well as mulch films, plant pots or garden applications that take advantage of rapid biodegradation of this bioplastic blend. In the packaging sector, our starch-based plastics are particularly suitable for packaging fresh food. The high water vapor permeability allows packaged food to “breathe” better and keeps it fresh longer. Ceroflex® products have a “natural” look and feel.

Our commitment is to offer naturally produced and resource-saving plastic solutions: in harmony with nature.


Advantages of Ceroflex® at a glance:

  • Based on renewable resources
  • Made from European non-GMO corn starch
  • Certified compostable according to EN 13432 or
  • Certified home compostable grades available (OK Compost HOME certificate from TÜV Austria)
  • Rapid biodegradation, even at higher thicknesses
  • High breathability
  • Can be processed on existing equipment without adjustment