Tree protection from Bioplastics

Protecting trees and the environment: tree guard products made from biodegradable plastics


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Game browsing and other damage caused by deer and small game are often the cause of long-term vegetative damage to young plants. In their early years, trees and plants are very susceptible and therefore require special protection. Shelters and tree guard products protect the plants from game browsing and offer an optimum planting solution in forestry, agriculture or wine and fruit growing.

A protective collar either enclosing the trunk or in the form of a grate or pillar is often used. These guards provide young trees and vines with protection against browsing, herbicides and mowers, for example. Conventional plastics such as polypropylene, stabilised with additives against UV radiation, are usually used. Since the casings or broken-off parts are not (or cannot be) collected up again, more and more plastic residues build up in woodland.


Tree guard made from biodegradable plastics protects plants and soil

Biodegradable tree grates and casing guards give the tree protection and stability in the critical growth phase. After use, they can remain in nature, because they are completely converted into CO2, water and biomass by microorganisms in the soil. No microplastic pollution is produced.

Biodegradable tree guards are also a good choice for the domestic garden since follow the natural cycle and return to nature.

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