Vision, mission, values - why we stand up every day at FKuR

Our Customer Care Commitment

Our values represent the center of our corporate culture and determine our actions. Every day in exchange with each other, with our customers, partners and with you.

Trust through personal support

We do not only supply companies with bioplastics. It is more that we see our customers as partners! The individual support of our customers by a personal contact during the project and of course beyond is an essential factor of our understanding of service. The cooperation with our customers is characterized by direct and short communication paths. Together we work on solutions to design your plastic products to meet all requirements, also to comply with the demands of a today’s circular economy. We are your reliable contact partner for every matter.

Experience & expertise ensure reliability

Our customers benefit from our decade-long, global and cross-industry expertise in the development, production and distribution of biobased and biodegradable bioplastics. Our outstandingly trained team members have many years of experience together with in-depth technical knowledge. As a result, we ensure a smooth process in absolutely every aspect of the project: from development to delivery and processing of our granules to marketing of the finished product. We accompany our customers through their challenges, successes, but also their worries.

Worry-free thanks to 360-degree service

You are in the best hands with us! We create a trustful atmosphere in personal contact and provide reliability with our 360-degree approach and our expert knowledge.


Our values

Our values shape our corporate culture and determine our actions. Every day in exchange with each other, with our customers, partners and with you.


Our experience and know-how built up over many years serve as the basis for our innovative granules. They are the guarantee for our consistency. That is why we share our knowledge and learn from each other – openly and across generations. Identifying with our values provides us with the trust and security to tread new paths together.


Our ambition is to continuously improve ourselves, our granules and our services and to exceed our customers’ expectations. Therefore, we continuously analyze our processes, continuously improve our development techniques and distribution methods, and integrate digital applications into our workflow. We are open to innovative impulses, exchange ideas among ourselves, discuss new ideas in order to trial, implement or discard them in practice right away. The proven is combined with the new in order to achieve the best possible result and to push for permanent improvement. The courage to break new ground, to inspire young people and to let them inspire us, means securing our future.


We are passionate problem solvers. We tackle the challenges of our customers each and every day with passion. We inspire our partners and ourselves with our commitment and the constant will to always go above and beyond the call of duty. We also sometimes act pragmatically and think “out-of-the-box” in order to provide a solution for the respective project.


We focus on long-term and reliable partnerships based on respect and trust. For this purpose, we interact honestly and fairly with our partners and show mutual interest – we value each other’s competencies. Especially in difficult times, we support each other and keep our word.


In the context of our work, we assume considerable responsibility. We as FKuR have dedicated ourselves to nature and its uniqueness. With target-oriented research and development, we aim to create sustainable materials in order to conserve limited resources, maintain the ecological balance and thus improve natural living conditions. We face this challenge with a high degree of know-how and professionalism of our people. Every individual makes a significant contribution to the environment and to our success. All our employees are encouraged to take responsibility and to be proactive.