Fibrolon® P 7550

Wood plastic composite made of fossil polypropylene (PP) and wood fibers for injection molding

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Product information

Fibrolon® P 7550 is a natural fiber-reinforced compound based on polypropylene with a wood fiber content of about 30%. Higher wood fiber contents are also possible on request. Due to its high melt index, it is also suitable for the production of large components with complex geometry. The appealing wood look gives products made of Fibrolon® P 7550 a naturally attractive appearance. Only European softwoods from sustainable forestry are used as natural fibers. In addition, Fibrolon® P 7550 is approved for direct food contact.

Percentage of natural fibers


Melt flow rate (230°C/5kg)

11.0 g/10 min

Processing methods

You can process Fibrolon® P 7550 with these methods: