bio flex s 5630 wh scaled

Bio-Flex® S 5630 WH

Biobased, biodegradable injection molding grade with high heat deflection temperature

Product information

Bio-Flex® S 5630 WH is a biodegradable bioplastic and is characterized by a balanced ratio between rigidity and elasticity. Products made of Bio-Flex® S 5630 WH have a pleasant feel and a high surface quality. The high thermal resistance of this type permits longer dwell times as well as short cycle times, even in the hot runner. This type is particularly suitable for thermoforming and injection molding. Bio-Flex® S 5630 WH is also approved for contact with food.

Biobased carbon content


Melt flow rate (190°C/2.16kg)

8.0 g/10 min


Opaque white

bio flex s 5630 wh scaled