Terrasol® IM5WE

Cold water-soluble PVOH for injection molded articles

Material Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Product information

Terrasol® IM5WE is an injection-moldable water-soluble plastic which already degrades at cold water temperatures of around 5 °C. This thermoplastic can be processed excellently by injection molding on conventional production lines. PVOH compounds are characterized by their high crystallinity, which enables shorter injection molding cycle times. The low shrinkage during the cooling phase results in lower stress in the injection molded product. Terrasol® is completely biodegradable in an aqueous environment.


Soluble in cold water at 5 °C

Typical applications

Injection molding and rotational molding products, water-soluble cable ties

Processing methods

You can process Terrasol® IM5WE with these methods: