I’m green™ bio-based EVA

Bio-based Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)

I'm green™ bio-based EVA is a range of bio-based plastics that combine flexibility, lightness and resistance. Main applications for this bio-based plastic are footwear, toys, sporting goods, tatami mats and foams in general.

Braskem Brochure - I'm green Portfolio (EN) Braskem Broschure - Responsible Ethanol Sourcing (EN)

Highlights of our I’m green™ bio-based EVA

High content of renewable raw materials

Sustainably sourced and made from sugar cane, a renewable resource.

Flexibility, lightness and resistance

100% recyclable

Fully recyclable


has the same properties as its fossil counterpart.

Bio-based EVA is produced from the renewable raw material sugar cane

EVA is the abbreviation for “ethylene vinyl acetate” – a plastic made from the combination of ethylene and vinyl acetate. This elastomeric polymer can be used to make products that are rubber-like in their softness and flexibility.

The I’m green™ bio-based EVA comes from the product range of sustainable, recyclable drop-in plastics from Brazil’s Braskem. As a distribution partner, we offer this bio-based Green EVA in many European countries.

Just as with I’m green™ bio-based polyethylene (Braskem’s bio-PE), Braskem also uses sugarcane-based ethanol to produce I’m green™ bio-based EVA. During its growth, sugar cane absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. By using this renewable raw material, greenhouse gas emissions can be effectively reduced. The bio-based content is between 45% and 80%, depending on the grade, based on the ASTM D6866 standard.


Green EVA is a drop-in solution

Bio-based EVA can be used wherever fossil ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers are already used today. It is ideal for the footwear, rubber and toy industries that want to implement a new, sustainable concept for their products. At the same time, it can be processed on existing production lines.


100% recyclable

At the end of its life cycle, I’m green™ bio-based EVA can be recycled and reused in the same cycle already developed for conventional EVA.