Blister from Bioplastics

Blister packs put products in the spotlight in a particularly visible way and still provide reliable protection.


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Safely and attractively packaged with blisters made from bioplastics

The term blister is used to describe so-called visible packaging that allows the customer to view the contents without opening the packaging. Blisters are therefore the perfect combination of visibility and presentation for your products or brand and ensure quick orientation for your customers. Products in PET blisters are ideally packed and protected.


Bio-based granules for sustainable packaging solutions

Perfect packaging is primarily about protecting the product, but attractive packaging can do even more. Above all, it attracts customers through its design or the choice of packaging material and prompts them to make a purchase decision. Meet your customers’ needs and use sustainable blister packaging for your products. Protect the product, present the brand in an appealing way, conserve resources and achieve full recyclability.


Transparent and certified for food contact

You can produce transparent blister packaging with our partially bio-based PET. Chemically, Eastlon Bio-PET is completely identical to its fossil counterpart. It can be processed into blisters and various other plastic items on the same equipment as PET, and then disposed of and recycled in the existing PET recycling stream.


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