Biograde® FG 95323

Glass fiber reinforced PLA compound with high rigidity and tensile strength

Material Safty Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Product information

Biograde® FG 95323 is a biobased injection molding compound reinforced with 30 wt% glass fibers. This type is characterized by a high proportion of renewable raw materials but is not biodegradable. Due to the use of glass fibers, this type has a high rigidity and tensile strength. It is significantly more wear resistant than the unfilled Bioflex® injection molding grades. Biograde® FG 95323 can be used in all applications requiring high mechanical strength but not high temperature resistance or flame retardancy.

Biobased carbon content


Percentage of glass fibers


Melt volume rate (190°C/2.16kg)

7.0 g/10 min

Processing methods

You can process Biograde® FG 95323 with these methods: