Pouches from Bioplastics

Stand-up pouches made of bioplastics are an all-around smart packaging solution that is not only sustainable, but also resealable and strong in design.


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Doypacks are clever, individual packaging solutions with press-on closure

Stand-up pouches are also called doypacks iff they have a pressure seal. These packages have an oval bottom and are particularly lightweight. As a particularly tight packaging option, they are ideal for the safe packaging and storage of flavored, finely ground, powdery or viscous contents.


Bio-based stand-up pouches are the optimal packaging for food products

Doypacks and stand-up pouches are made of food-safe, particularly tear- and break-resistant film materials. If the plastics or laminates used have good barrier properties against oxygen and water vapor, they offer perfect flavor protection and can also extend the shelf life of moisture-sensitive foods. The odor and taste of the products are not affected by the packaging.

Especially for light-sensitive products, such as cosmetics, food and also pet food, they are ideal as protective bags. It doesn’t matter whether the consistencies are granular, solid, powdery or pasty. Even coffee or tea, spices, and dry foods are perfectly safe in stand-up pouches. In addition, stand-up pouches are the perfect packaging for so-called convenience foods. The easy handling suits “convenient eating”, as for example with squeeze pouches for fruit puree, the so-called squeezies.

Because stand-up pouches can be resealed as required using screw caps, pressure seals, etc., not only are the pouches sustainable, but so are the products packaged in them. Compared to jars and tin cans, stand-up pouches can save transport and shipping costs and establish consumer-friendly refill systems.


Film packaging from bio polyethylene – a renewable and 100% alternative

Stand-up pouches made from bio-based Green PE combine sustainability and recyclability with shelf appeal to meet the demands of brand owners and end consumers. The grades combine the required mechanical and barrier properties with appropriate ingredient resistance and good printability for high attractiveness even without outer packaging. The bio-based polyethylene Green PE, which is produced from the renewable raw material sugar cane, is suitable for film extrusion or the production of laminates for stand-up pouches. Packaging made from Green PE has the same properties as packaging made from fossil polyethylene. In addition, products made from Green PE are 100% recyclable. With sustainable, recyclable packaging made from renewable raw materials, you can create a complete and attractive package.

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