Successful products start with great ideas!

As a bioplastics specialist, we offer you an unbeatable range of different biobased and compostable bioplastics as well as recyclable recycled products.

From your idea to a sustainable product: development of application-oriented bioplastics for the Circular Economy

Successful products start with great ideas! As a bioplastics specialist, we offer you an unrivaled range of different biobased and compostable bioplastics as well as recycled products suitable for circular economy. With our many years of experience in bioplastics, we will also be very pleased to develop individual bioplastic compounds to suit your requirements. Besides a unique variety of renewable raw materials, you can also rely on our comprehensive know-how. By choosing the optimum materials, we work with you to set the cornerstone for your successful and sustainable product. Our bioplastics do not only conserve limited fossil resources and reduce the environmental impact, but also follow the guiding principles of the circular economy.

Which application are you looking for a sustainable compound for? Together with you, we will find or develop the right bioplastic that perfectly fits your application.

Our application technology know-how is your key to success

The first step is an intensive application consultation. With your specific target in mind, we first analyze and define the specific requirement profile of your product together with you. On this basis, we combine know-how, technical expertise and material knowledge with creative ideas, unusual solution concepts and flexibility to select sustainable granules that fit into the circular economy or even develop new ones.

Our expert team of development engineers has many years of expertise in fulfilling specific requirements. Together with you, we select the materials that meet your requirements and recombine them until we find the perfect blend for you.

Comprehensive laboratory and pilot plant equipment

For the production of pilot and small series as well as for the further development of our product portfolio, we have extensive laboratory and pilot plant equipment at our disposal. Besides compounding lines with low throughputs, small pilot plant extrusion lines for film production and an injection molding machine are also available. This enables us not only to ensure short upscaling development times, but also to guarantee the consistently high quality of our bioplastic compounds.

Each formulation is continuously tested and documented in our test laboratory. Before you receive your bioplastic, the material has already been through our laboratory twice: in the incoming goods inspection, as well as for the final release test before delivery. This enables us to to guarantee continuous reproducibility and consistently high quality.

Your partner for bioplastics: Meet your sustainability goals with our biobased or biodegradable raw materials

A special feature of FKuR bioplastics is their good processability. Whether high throughput during extrusion or good demolding during injection molding, during material development we always pay attention to their processability without losing the bio-character of the materials. Our bio compounds can be processed on your existing production equipment. Adaptation of your tools or equipment is not necessary.


Unique bio-compounds for sustainable solutions: Production of customized plastic compounds for the circular economy

FKuR produces unique bioplastic compounds as well as material specialties such as bio-based thermoplastic elastomers and bio-recyclate hybrids for you at its site in Willich.

In addition to the selection of high-quality raw materials, the high quality and excellent processability of our bioplastic compounds is based in particular on our specially developed compounding technology, which is adapted to each compound. This particularly gentle, non-thermally stressing process guarantees a high-quality compound and optimum material characteristics. This guarantees consistent quality: from the first gram to the last. A wide range of twin-screw extruders with flexible output rates are available for the production of our bioplastic compounds.

Determine mechanical properties of bioplastics

Determine the tensile strength, elongation at break or impact strength of your product.

The use of selected additives such as impact modifiers and fillers or reinforcing materials during the compounding process can adjust the mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break and impact strength. The use of additives depends on the final use and application of the material. Additives can be added to increase thermal stability, prevent aging and oxidation, and improve processability. The look and feel of the final product can also be altered by the use of additives. Additives such as slip agents, antistatic agents, etc. are well known in the film industry. However, the addition of additives must be well balanced to achieve maximum positive effect without negatively affecting other properties.

The unique combination of raw materials, the choice of the right additives and fillers, and the compounding process thus determine the specific properties of our sustainable compounds.

Close cooperation with scientific institutes

On a scientific level, we work closely with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT. We also regularly make our bioplastics and compounding know-how available in national and international research projects in order to continuously drive forward the further development of bioplastics and the use of renewable raw materials.

Would you like to know which product is best for you or how we can assist you with a compound tailored to your needs? We are pleased to advise you.