You only have success together!

At FKuR, we combine a sense of curiosity and a pioneering spirit to make the world a better place to live in.

Together we want to shape the future of FKuR!

At FKuR, we combine a sense of curiosity and a pioneering spirit to make the world a better place to live in. The fact that we stand out from the rest is primarily owed to our colleagues. The “we” is in the foreground and not the “I” of the individual. We place great emphasis on TEAM SPIRIT.

FKuR, for us that also means family above all. It is very important to us to create a feel-good atmosphere for our colleagues. Appreciation is therefore a term that is not just a mere phrase for us. We value our staff. That is why we have created a positive working atmosphere at FKuR with family-like values. An open and honest working atmosphere is important to us, and we share our knowledge and experience with each other. In our participative company culture, everyone can get involved and actively shape the paths of our company.

We ensure the necessary room for responsible action. In this context, continuous training and development of our employees is. This is how we empower our people to develop their own potential and thus their own talents, skills and strengths.
We are convinced that encouraging our employees and supporting them in their development is the right way to go.



At FKuR we are a family

With opportunities under our family-friendly HR policy, we provide the basis for a good working relationship and a good work-life balance.
Our teams consist of both full-time and part-time employees, because family-friendliness and life-phase-oriented working hours are not just part of our HR policy, but a practiced corporate culture. That’s why we were already named the most family-friendly company in the category “Companies with up to 50 employees” by the district of Viersen in 2014.

Flexible working hours & family friendliness

We all share great ambitions and the conviction that nothing is impossible. We owe our growth to our team – Today, FKuR already employs round about 60 people. And we continue to grow. FKuR offers a whole series of common activities for employees to strengthen our sense of unity within the company and to bring the different business units together on a regular basis. In addition to the annual Christmas party, there is also a joint birthday sing-along for every employee, and we also celebrate company anniversaries together and take part in company and sporting events such as the city bike ride. Cycling is healthy, environmentally and climate friendly. That’s why it’s particularly worthy of promotion in our eyes, which is why FKuR now offers all employees the opportunity to lease a bicycle through the company at a reasonable price.

FKuR- Wellbeing

Daily computer work is particularly stressful for the back, which is why we pay attention to an ergonomically correct workplace at FKuR. All desks in our offices are height-adjustable and equipped with daylight lamps. In production, we provide our employees with the latest technical aids to alleviate the strain of physical work.

FKuR Gesundheitsförderung Obst und Gemüse

„Ein gesunder Geist wohnt in einem gesunden Körper.“ Juvenal

Healthy nutrition and regular active exercise also keep the body and mind fit and ensure well-being.  In addition, fresh regional fruit and vegetables are available daily as a healthy snack for our employees. The daily coffee dose may not be missing, of course ;-). Because we want you to stay fit!

In addition, we offer a healthcare day on regular basis. You will be actively involved on these days, e.g. through presentations on healthy nutrition, stress reduction or back-friendly postures.