I’m green™ bio-based Polyethylene

Green PE is a bio-based Polyethylene (Bio-PE) for extrusion, injection molding and blow molding

Green PE is a bio-based polyethylene produced from the renewable raw material sugar cane. As a drop-in, Bio-PE is a regenerative alternative to fossil polyethylene (PE). This bio-based and 100% recyclable plastic is used primarily in packaging for food and cosmetics as well as in household products, sporting goods and toys.

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Highlights of our I’m green™ bio-based Polyethylene

High content of renewable raw materials

sugar cane is used for the production of Green PE

Stores CO2

Helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

100% recyclable

Green PE is fully recyclable in the PE stream


same properties as conventional polyethylene, same processing methods

With I’m green™ bio-based Polyethylene the following products can be made:

Bio-based polyethylene (PE) is a sustainable alternative for businesses in terms of circular economy

Polyethylene (PE) is one of the most widely used plastics in the world. We come across this thermoplastic material every day and it accounts for more than one-third of the world’s total consumption of plastics. With Braskem’s bio-based I’m green™ bio-based polyethylene, we offer you a sustainable, renewable alternative to fossil PE.

Unlike conventional polyethylene, the ethilene used to produce I’m green™ bio-based PE is not derived from crude oil, but from bioethanol based on sugar cane. By using this renewable raw material, one ton of I’m green™ bio-based HDPE can capture up to 2.12 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. It thus helps to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Yet Green PE has the same properties as its fossil counterpart. The current product portfolio includes various HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE grades, which are characterized by an excellent property profile and good processability.

Bio-based polyethylene is processed in particular by blow molding, injection molding and film extrusion. Green PE can completely replace fossil PE in all areas of our lives. Starting with films and packaging as well as bottles and canisters, to simple injection molded parts, thermoformed containers, tubes up to sports articles and toys.

At the end of their useful life, products made from I’m green™ bio-based polyethylene are 100% recyclable in the PE recycling stream.


Ethanol from Brazilian sugar cane, instead of crude oil

Conventional polyethylene is produced from fossil raw materials such as crude oil or natural gas. However, to produce the I’m green™ bio-based portfolio, Braskem uses ethanol from sugarcane.

Sugarcane is a fast-growing, robust plant that stores CO2 from the atmosphere during its annual growth cycle. This not only conserves fossil raw materials, which are becoming increasingly scarce, but also helps to reduce CO2 emissions. Depending on the Green PE grade, the percentage of renewable carbon ranges from 80% to 100%, according to the ASTM D6866 standard.

Want to know how sugar cane becomes plastic? Here Braskem explains how it works.

The cooperation between Braskem and its suppliers is based on two pillars: Compliance and Excellence. The first of these is Braskem’s Code of Conduct, to which all sugar cane suppliers and mills must adhere. It includes binding standards related to human and labor rights, as well as environmental, community and quality requirements. The second pillar includes a continuous improvement program that focuses specifically on the ethanol supply chain.


Green PE is 100% recyclable

At the end of its useful life, I’m green™ bio-based polyethylene can be recycled in the same way as conventional fossil polyethylene. For this purpose, products can be disposed of through already established recycling streams and then recycled.

Since Green PE is not biodegradable, the CO2 captured during the growth cycle of the sugarcane plant remains stored in the plastic throughout its life cycle.


Did you know that you can measure the share of renewable raw materials?

There are laboratories worldwide that can determine the share of renewable raw materials according to recognized standards. Various certification bodies offer test seals and labels that certify the proportion of renewable raw materials in a material or product.

Would you like to know more about determining the proportion of renewable raw materials and about certification? Click here for the knowledge database.


I’m green™ bio-based logo identifies products made from Green PE

The I’m green™ bio-based trademark is property of Braskem and was created with the aim of quickly and easily identifying all products made from Green PE. If you would like to certify your product and use the I’m green™ logo in the future, write to marketing@fkur.com or contact your sales bioplastics specialist directly.

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