Terrasol® W60

Plastic material soluble in warm water for the production of water-soluble laundry bags for soiled and infected laundry

Product information

Terrasol® W60 is a warm water-soluble plastic which is preferably used for the production of hygienic, water-soluble laundry bags. Water-soluble laundry bags are used wherever infectious and soiled laundry has to be transported. In these companies they particularly improve hygiene, as the spread of germs and contamination can be avoided. The used laundry goes directly into the laundry bag, which is closed and can be put directly into the washing machine. Terrasol® W60 dissolves at water temperatures of around 60°C without leaving residues and is 100% biodegradable in its dissolved state. This thermoplastic PVOH material can be excellently processed in existing blown film extrusion lines.


Soluble in hot water at 60 °C

Typical applications

Laundry bags for dirty and infectious laundry