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Bioplastic for bio pens and ecological office supplies

Sustainable and environmentally conscious actions are becoming an increased priority for brand manufacturers, but also for consumers. Awareness of sustainable stationery is also on the rise in public authorities, in the office, at school or university. The responsible use of natural resources contributes to the positive external perception of a company. Bio pens made from renewable raw materials make a statement and combine quality and durability with exceptional feel.

It has never been this simple to pay attention to sustainability, even when it comes to stationery and office supplies. Consumables that are used daily in the office or at home, such as pens, ballpoint pens, rulers, hole punches, desk pads or pencil holders, can be produced sustainably from bio-based bioplastics. For your stationery, our bio-based bioplastics provide an equivalent and long-term alternative to fossil plastics.


Bio-Flex®: Sustainable ballpoint pens with high scratch resistance and pleasant feel

Our Bio-Flex® bio-based PLA compounds are as versatile as your stationery. These biodegradable PLA compounds are produced on the basis of renewable raw materials, such as corn or sugar cane. They can be excellently processed by injection molding with existing tools. The high quality of our Bio-Flex® grades ensures the longevity of your products, so that your customers can enjoy their writing instruments for a long time. In this way, you also make an important contribution to avoiding waste.

Writing instruments made of Bio-Flex® are pleasant to hold and, depending on the type, have a matt or glossy surface that is always pleasant to the touch. Bio-Flex® can be individually colored using appropriate masterbatches – preferably based on bioplastics. But even uncolored articles made of this bioplastic cut a good figure. In this way, the organic character of the raw material comes into its own in a beautiful, individual look. Of course, Bio-Flex® contains no harmful plasticizers, is certified BPA-free and suitable for contact with food. Many types also meet the requirements of the EN71-3 toy standard.


Preserving fossil resources through recycling or renewable raw materials

Plastics are a versatile material with unique properties. Stationery and office supplies made of plastics have high stability and guarantee a long service life. Plastics are pleasant to hold, lightweight and the surface feel can be customized using appropriate tools. Last but not least, plastic articles can be colored in a variety of ways, which makes them particularly attractive for the promotional products industry. There is only one problem – plastics consist of the finite raw material crude oil. An ever scarcer resource whose extraction is becoming increasingly risky for the environment.

Sustainable alternatives based on renewable raw materials or recyclates can be found at FKuR. We are writing the future – join us!

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