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Play naturally! FKuR's bioplastics can be used to produce sustainable, safe and sophisticated toys.

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Sustainability meets fun – bioplastics for toys

Good toys are stable, durable and last but not least safe! Many children’s toys are made of plastic, but mostly still on the basis of mineral oil. Sustainable bioplastics made from renewable raw materials offer an adequate and sustainable replacement. Because parents do not choose any toy for their children. They want their children to play with pedagogically valuable toys that are suitable for children and harmless. Since children do not just pick up their building blocks, figures or cups, but also put them in their mouths, the toys must be of high quality and free of harmful substances. Sustainable production of toys is also becoming increasingly important.

Produce toys with materials that save resources and can be 100% recycled

With the bioplastics from FKuR, you get exactly the high-quality toys that meet high demands and that children will enjoy for a long time. Play with our bioplastics and combine materials and processes exactly as you wish! As a bioplastics specialist, we offer you the largest selection of bio-based and biodegradable plastics.

Toys can be made from the bio-based bioplastic, I’m green™ polyethylene or our bio-PE compound Terralene®. Unlike conventional polyethylene, these plastic granules are not made from mineral oil, but from sugar cane. Thus, our bioplastics combine sustainability with pioneering material properties that help reduce CO2 emissions. Both Green PE and Terralene® are suitable for processing by extrusion, injection molding and blow molding and are 100% recyclable. This allows you to optimally combine high material quality with safety, sustainability and recyclability.

In addition to these purely bio-based bioplastics, the injection-molded grades in our Bio-Flex® portfolio can also be used to manufacture toys. All Bio-Flex® products are biodegradable, and some are even compostable in accordance with EN 13432. The granules can be easily processed with common plastics processing equipment without any adjustments and offer a limitless variety of designs and colors. When it comes to surface design, too, innumerable variants between hard and soft as well as matte and glossy are possible. An individually embossed or even wood-like surface provides a special haptic experience.

Water-soluble craft materials made from Terrasol®

Children can allow their creativity to run free when doing handicrafts. But crafting offers so much more: in addition to creative thinking, manual skills and finger dexterity are trained above all. They learn about quantity ratios in a playful way, train structured work and promote their ability to concentrate and develop patience.

Our water-soluble Terrasol® can be used, for example, to make water-adhesive beads that can be used to create a wide variety of works of art. Since Terrasol® is completely non-toxic and skin-friendly, children can work on their own from the beginning to the finished work of art.

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