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Bioplastics as a communication challenge – together, we can find the right marketing message

Plastics are an indispensable part of our life. They are all around us, making cars lighter and more economical, playing a role in medical procedures and helping to create better living conditions and more sustainable products and to avoid waste. However, plastics have a poor reputation among consumers and are often perceived merely as undesirable waste. In addition, the plastics industry must address the environmental challenges, such as the problem of plastic waste and the use of fossil-based raw materials as a driver of climate change.

Communicating the advantages of plastics effectively and responsibly

How can we continue to leverage the huge advantages of plastic as a material while still acting sustainably and responsibly? This is where bio-based and biodegradable plastics come in: Bioplastics are not just able to replace their fossil-based counterparts in many applications, they also open up alternative disposal channels or provide completely new properties. Furthermore, consumers are highly accepting of and in favour of sustainable products and understand the logic of closed-loop recycling.
If you want to offer your customers this kind of bio-based or biodegradable product, you must clearly communicate the value it adds. Good communication means above all transparency, and the associated certificates are trusted by end consumers. We support and advise you on the wording of your statements.

Together we can find the right marketing message for your product

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