Terraprene® SI 601

Terraprene® SI 601 is a series of partially biobased TPE compounds that can replace fossil TPEs in soft-touch applications

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Product information

Terraprene® SI 601 is a series of TPE compounds that can be processed and used in the same way as petroleum-based TPE-S grades. Some of the products in this range are based on renewable raw materials. With their non-slip surface and insulating effect, these materials, which are also approved for contact with food, have great application potential. Thanks to its good adhesion to polyolefins, Terraprene® SI 601 is also very well suited for the production of hard-soft composites in two-component injection molding.

Biobased carbon content

22% to 38%

Shore hardness

60 A to 70 A

Typical applications

2C injection molding, soft-touch handles, handles e.g. for two-wheelers, sealing rings and closures, consumer goods, toys and care products

Processing methods

You can process Terraprene® SI 601 with these methods: