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Residue-free planting - Plant pots made of biodegradable plastic granules decompose completely in the soil to water, CO2 and biomass.


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Biodegradable plant pots are a true alternative

Plastic pots for planting have become firmly established in horticulture, where today it is impossible to imagine life without them. Flower pots are mainly used for growing, packing and transporting decorative and young vegetable plants. In addition to horticulturalists, nurseries also use large quantities of these plastic containers. For the permanent keeping of plants, various materials are used, in particular ceramics, clay and concrete, but also metals and plastics.

For the thin-walled plant pots and plant containers for growing, on the other hand, plastics are used almost exclusively. As a rule, these are disposable products with a relatively short service life. Every year, considerable amounts of plastic waste are generated in this way, with only small quantities being effectively recycled and reused.

Plant containers and pots are predominantly made from the crude oil-based plastic polyprophylene (PP). For sustainability and cost reasons, pots have already been made entirely or partially from recycled materials for several years. However, in some circumstances, using a pot made from recycled material can be problematic. plant nurseries are concerned about the migration of undesirable residues into the potting soil. Therefore, many farms are looking for more environmentally friendly and resource-saving alternatives.


degradable pots made from Fibrolon® S and Bio-Flex® are stable & comfortable

FKuR offers Fibrolon® S and Bio-Flex® granules, which are biodegradable and suitable for the production of plant pots. Fibrolon® is a natural fiber reinforced composite material that is suitable for injection molding or profile extrusion and is made from renewable resources. Bio-Flex® injection molding or thermoforming granules are based on the renewable raw material PLA. Both Fibrolon ® S and Bio-Flex® can be used on the same machines and processes as fossil-based plastics.


Just dig in and let it grow

The residue-free decomposition of our bioplastics allows plants to be planted together with the pot. The flower pot made of our certified biodegradable and compostable bioplastics is completely decomposed in the soil by microorganisms – without leaving any environmentally harmful substances in the soil. In this way, the roots get their space to grow without their growth being stalled by the change from pot to bed. This makes tiresome repotting a matter of the past.

Despite their biodegradability, plant pots made from Fibrolon® S and Bio-Flex® show stable product behavior during use. Compared to degradable pots made of wood or coconut fibers, bioplastic pots do not run the risk of breaking down even before they are sold or during transport.

If you want to produce plant pots from renewable raw materials, which are sufficiently stable during cultivation and can later be planted out with, then you have come to the right place.

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