I’m green™ HDPE SHC 7260

Biobased HDPE with low tendency to warp for injection molding

Material Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Product information

SHC7260 is a high density polyethylene designed for injection molding. It has a high hardness and rigidity with a low tendency to warp. The organoleptic properties are suitable for water cap applications.

Biobased carbon content

94% in compliance with ASTM 6866

Melt flow rate (190°C/2.16kg)

7.2 g/10 min

Typical applications

Caps for non-carbonated or low-carbonated beverages, caps for water, toys, packaging for pharmaceutical products, packaging for cosmetic products

Processing methods

You can process I’m green™ HDPE SHC 7260 with these methods: