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Realize functional secondary packaging with circular bioplastics. These provide protection, a complementary barrier against external influences and act as attractive sales packaging.


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Secondary packaging comprises all packaging materials that enclose an already packaged product. Secondary packaging adapts to the packaged product and is usually precisely tailored to the specific requirements. Their main purpose is to protect the product, and they act as storage and transport aids. In addition, they can provide a supplementary barrier.


Secondary packaging serves as functional sales packaging

Since secondary packaging usually has no direct contact with the product, but is in direct contact with the consumer, it usually functions as sales packaging and is designed to be promotional and informative. They are considered a sales-promoting tool, serve as advertising space and convey brand messages to strengthen product appeal to consumers.

Many marketing departments are therefore looking at optimizing secondary packaging, as outer packaging is perceived more strongly by consumers and the buyer than other packaging. More than 70 % of all purchasing decisions are made directly at the point of sale, i.e. in the drugstore, supermarket or DIY store. Secondary packaging thus proves to be an extremely effective aid in enhancing the brand image.


With closed-loop solutions: Sales-promoting effect thanks to attractive secondary packaging

Packaging with more sustainability, also across the entire supply chain, is high on the agenda of food manufacturers, packaging suppliers and machine builders. Above all, functional, clever and at the same time attractive sales packaging that offers added value to brand owners and the consumer is becoming increasingly important.

From an environmental point of view, secondary and primary packaging should above all be recyclable and disposable without pollutants. All this under the aspect that packaging should only be used where it is necessary. After all, the desire for less elaborate or unpackaged products is increasingly on the rise.

As a bioplastics specialist, we have developed a large portfolio of recyclable granules for various packaging scenarios – enabling us to offer practical and sustainable solutions for our customers.

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