VESTAMID® Terra HS is partly based on renewable raw materials and fills the performance gap between the commodity and the niche long-chain nylons. Technically speaking, VESTAMID® Terra HS occupies a position between the high- performance polyamide 612 and the standard polyamides PA 6 and PA 66. VESTAMID® Terra HS is semicrystalline and thus has high mechanical resistance and chemical stability. Due to its higher melting point, VESTAMID® Terra HS has the highest heat deflection temperature of VESTAMID® Terra series.

VESTAMID® Terra HS (PA 610) at a glance:

  • 62% based on bio-renewables

  • Carbon Footprint: 4.6 kg CO2eq.

  • Very high mechanical strength

  • Good UV and chemical resistance

  • Excellent heat distortion resistance

  • Low water absorption compared to standard short-chain polyamides

  • Fills a position between mass polyamides such as PA 6 or PA 66 and long-chain niche products