holler poller – Wooden Toys with Bio-plastic Tires

holler poller, the label for environmentally conscious and child-friendly toys from Germany! The wooden toys are for all little adventurers who love their everyday heroes on wheels!


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Child-friendly, durable toys “made in Germany”

At holler poller, everything revolves around sustainability, durability, and clearly, fun to play. The clear shapes of the holler poller wooden vehicles and figures leave a lot of room for imagination and intuitive play. They are designed to be intentionally simple and straightforward. The holler poller wooden toys are for all children who have a fascination for vehicles they know from their everyday life.

In the development and production of its wooden toys, the company pays particular attention to sustainable, local raw material sources, long durability, and good repairability. The production takes place in Germany with regional partners. Also, the woods used come from sustainable, German forestry. The toys are also designed to be especially robust. Simply real treasures for eternity. Should something still break, they can be easily repaired at home. This way, the toys can be passed on from one generation to the next! And the best part: Hollerpoller includes sustainable tires “Terra 222” made from a bio-based bioplastic – for limitless fun with a lot of grip and flow!


holler poller - Spielzeug mit Biokunststoff-Reifen

Bio-based & durable

These tires are made from the bioplastic Terraprene®, which is based on plant-based raw materials. Here, high-quality, toxin-free, and low-odor material is perfectly combined with safety, sustainability, and recycling possibilities. Because drop-in materials from renewable resources help to conserve fossil resources, can be well recycled, and offer an adequate and sustainable replacement for conventional plastics.

Robust and safe

The “Terra 222” wheels of the wooden toys are real superheroes: indestructible, robust, and abrasion-resistant. Whether indoors or outdoors, they are always ready for the next adventure. The tires, in combination with the wooden toys, provide years of fun. Because: they have the same superpowers as conventional toy tires made of fossil plastic, but are safe for children and recyclable in closed loops.

Manufacturing bio-based plastic wheels, with the same properties as their fossil counterparts

Toy tires are usually made of plastic because they are lighter, more flexible, and more resistant than wooden tires. In addition, they are generally safer for children, as they do not have sharp edges or splinters, as could be the case with wooden tires. Plastic tires are also often easier to clean and disinfect, making them more hygienic for use in the children’s room. For holler poller, the choice for the in-house tires “Terra 222” fell on the bioplastic Terraprene®. The material from renewable resources can replace conventional TPEs in many applications and offers the same properties. The bio-based Terraprene® is aligned with the concept of the circular economy, primarily based on materials from renewable resources. As a product family of high-quality thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), it is ideal for all consumer products that require flexibility. With its shock-absorbing and elastic properties, it is suitable for soft parts on toy cars and figures, consumer goods, seals and closures, grips, and use in sports articles.

Using two-component (2K) injection molding, complex multifunctional parts can be produced. For unlimited design freedom, Terraprene® can be individually colored or filled with natural fibers. In this way, wooden surfaces with a soft grip can be realized, so that the visualization of soft and natural surfaces is given. The thermoplastic elastomer compounds of the Terraprene® family are optimized for extrusion and injection molding and can be processed on existing machines and tools!


Combine materials and processes exactly as you wish!

As experts in plastics, we offer a wide range of bio-based and biodegradable plastics for high-quality toys that meet high standards and provide children with long-lasting joy. Discover the diversity of our bioplastics and combine materials and processes exactly as you wish! Dive with us into the world of sustainable and safe bio-materials for toys!