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Bio-based and biodegradable materials for the production of sustainable lifestyle plastic cups

Sustainable plastic - reusable to-go cups made from renewable raw materials


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Biobasierte und biologisch abbaubare Materialien für die Herstellung von nachhaltigen Lifestyle-Bechern

Reusable cups made from renewable raw materials

heybico stands for reusable cups that conserve resources and promote a sustainable lifestyle. The stylish cups are made from the bio-based plastic Bio-Flex® and are free of melamine and BPA. The coffee mugs are environmentally friendly and regionally produced in the Black Forest.

Lightweight, high-quality and with a pleasant feel.

heyBico plastic cups fit perfectly in the hand due to the pleasant surface, are of high quality and particularly light. The enjoyment of cold and even very hot drinks is made possible without any problems due to the high wall thickness.

Durable and sustainable

The cups are particularly light, unbreakable, dishwasher safe and very durable.

Reusable cups made of bio-based and biodegradable plastic:
dishwasher safe and durable

This reusable cup is made of the bio-based plastic Bio-Flex®. All parts of the cup are produced regionally in the Black Forest. Bio-Flex® is a product family of bioplastics that is suitable for flexible applications and can be processed using a wide range of processing methods. The cup, lid, closure and seal of the cup are injection molded. heyBico cups are particularly lightweight, unbreakable, dishwasher safe and very durable due to the versatile properties of Bio-Flex®. Compared to starch-based bioplastics, Bio-Flex® is more resistant to mechanical stress and moisture and is fully biodegradable (according to EN 13432) and based on natural raw materials.