Bio-based bioplastics help sigikid achieve its sustainability goals

sigikid uses bio-based bioplastics for the filling of its cuddly toys series “Beasts”

Cuddly toys: huggable friends with personality


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sigikid "Spit Fire" filled with Green PE

Kids best friends with personality

Reliable cuddle friends, buddies to play with and soul comforters. Loyal companions who are always there when you need them. With whom you can share sorrows and have lots of fun. For over 50 years, sigikid has been passionately creating cuddly toys for children, who are real friends in the magical world of children and to whom they can confide their adventures. Children are our future! For them to mature into personalities and become happy and content adults is not just a matter for parents, it is a matter for all of us.

„There is nothing more wonderful and incomprehensible and nothing that becomes more unknown to us and is more thoroughly lost than the soul of the child at play.“  Hermann Hesse

Highest material safety & stability for the cuddly toy

For the filling of the cuddly friends series “Beasts”, sigikid uses the bio-based bioplastic Green PE. The plastic granules are free of harmful substances and give the cuddly toys stability so that they themselves can sit upright or their feet or paws can swing more easily. Also, the granules ensure that the cuddly toys can be well squeezed into shape.

Unlike other filler materials, Green PE is heavier, does not absorb moisture, dries faster, does not clump and consequently does not provide a breeding ground for mold. All products from sigikid are tested several times before sale and are repeatedly checked by independent test institutes for international as well as customers’ own standards.

sigikid Easter Beaster filled with the biobased and renewable bioplastic Green PE

Washable & long durability

sigikid products are not throwaway products. They are often still passed on to the following generations. The cuddly friends filled with the bio-based plastic granulate Green PE can be washed in the washing machine without any problems.

Bio-based bioplastics contribute to sigikid’s sustainability goals

For the filling of its cuddly toy series “Beasts”, sigikid has chosen the renewable bioplastic Green PE. Unlike conventional polyethylene, this bio-based plastic is not made from petroleum, but from sugar cane. The bio-based polyethylene (Bio-PE) is suitable for extrusion, injection molding and blow molding and is recyclable.  The products from sigikid are long-lasting quality products that are often passed on to the next generation. By using bio-based Green PE, a BPA- and toxin-free material, sigikid was able to optimally combine its goals of high material quality with safety, sustainability and recyclability.

For over 50 years, sigikid believes in the love in their products. Therefore, sigikid products are for the most important people in this world: our children.