PUSTEFIX relies on closures and bottles made of Bioplastics.

Bioplastic Bottle and Closure

For its new bioplastic packaging, PUSTEFIX relies on closures made of bio-based polyethylene in combination with a bottle made of the PLA-based Bio-Flex®, an all-around successful "green message in a bottle" for dazzling soap bubbles.


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PUSTEFIX has been standing for dazzling soap bubbles since 1948. Since then, the soap bubbles with the well-known yellow teddy bear as a trademark delights both young and old. PUSTEFIX soap bubbles encourage creativity and challenge children to play cheerful games. But they can do even more: In school they often serve to illustrate complex facts and laws of nature to children in an entertaining way. In therapy work, soap bubbles help to train specific physical skills. At the same time, the soap liquid is absolutely harmless to people as well as the environment and is also biodegradable.

Let sustainabality fly: Nachhaltige Verpackung aus FKuR-Bioklunststoff

Biobased plastic tube

Now the soap bubble classic is available in a new PUSTEFIX bioplastic can. This is made of the bio-based plastic Bio-Flex® and is particularly light, yet break-resistant and stable. PUSTEFIX fills and individualizes the packaging at the Tübingen site with 100% real green electricity from German water management.

Biobasierte Materialien für nachhaltige Dosen und Verschlüsse

Combination of Bioplastics

The challenge when selecting the materials was to find a combination with good sliding properties between the thread of the closure and the can.

At the same time, it was essential to provide a closure solution that is practical, convenient and safe for children, as well as high quality and sustainable.


Nachhaltige Bio-Deckel und Stopfen aus Biokunststoff

Bio-based polyethylene closures in 8 colors

The closures made of Green PE are particularly robust and resistant to the bubble liquid. They are also colorable, food safe and 100% recyclable. The use of renewable raw materials for the production of Green PE helps to conserve fossil resources and save harmful greenhouse gases.


Resource-saving and sustainable play fun

“Resource-saving and sustainable play fun” is how Pustefix sums up its new concept for organic soap bubbles packaged in bioplastics. With a BIO variant of its well-known packaging, made from bio-based bioplastics, PUSTEFIX adds a sustainable alternative to its range in the promotional products market. The injection-moldable Bio-Flex® used for the can is characterized by a balanced ratio of stiffness and toughness. In terms of strength, stability and weight, the Bio-Can can easily compete with those made from fossil plastics. In addition the Bio-Flex® grade used impresses with its good flowability and processability.

The Green PE used for the closur with integrated blow ring is a sustainable, renewable alternative to fossil polyethylene. This bio-based plastic has the same properties as its fossil counterpart, but the ethanol used to produce it is derived from sugar cane rather than petroleum. The Green PE used to produce the closures is characterized by a balanced ratio of stiffness and elongation. The closure can also be personalized in terms of color.

Bio-Flex® and Green PE combine the necessary mechanical and barrier properties with the required resistance to the liquid ingredients. In addition, for high appeal to children and adults, they can be easily customized in a particularly appealing way, with a stone paper label that is also produced sustainably and 100% cellulose-free.

Thanks to the innovative and bio-based bioplastics in the PUSTEFIX packaging, a high material quality can be optimally combined with safety, sustainability and recyclability.

Are you looking for a dazzling idea for your advertising? Here you will find customizable PUSTEFIX bubble cans made of sustainable FKuR bioplastics.