Bio-based HDPE with first-class properties

Nature and beauty care that go together:

With its new biobased plastic bottles, EOS® wants to preserve not only the contents, but also our environment


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Natur und Schönheitspflege, die zusammengehören: Mit seinen neuen biobasierten Kunststoff-Flaschen will EOS nicht nur den Inhalt, sondern auch unsere Umwelt schützen

Biobased HDPE with
first-class properties

The plastic bottles made of biobased HDPE do not differ from conventional plastic bottles in appearance, color, application or function and, depending on requirements, are also suitable for food contact.




100% recyclable,
0% compromise

The Bio-HDPE bottles are based on renewable raw materials and are 100% recyclable. Like their fossil counterparts, the bioplastic bottles are robust, lightweight and offer an attractive and high-quality way to safely pack and store the contents. After use, the bottles can be easily cleaned and reused – not only saving valuable raw materials but also making the packaging more sustainable.


Bio material for many shapes and uses

Green PE is versatile and can thus be used for bottles with different shapes and purposes. The plastic bottles made of HDPE can be combined with screw caps and dosing caps, especially for aqueous solutions with narrow-neck or push-pull spray heads.


Nature and beauty that belong together:
Making packaging from biobased HDPE

EOS® aims to produce products that are compatible with the physiology of the skin, human health and environmental protection. This means, above all, ingredients that are usually of plant origin and biodegradable, which can perform the same cosmetic functions as synthetic ingredients but offer a better guarantee of consumer and environmental protection.

The packaging of EOS® products should also reflect these values. Polyethylene (PE) is an absolute standard plastic, which is ideal for the production of packaging. Instead of fossil polyethylene, EOS® bottles are made from biobased Green PE, a polyethylene made from renewable raw materials. The grades used are characterized above all by a balanced ratio between impact strength and toughness. These properties are complemented by high stress cracking resistance and the usual good processability.

All Green HDPE grades are based on sugar cane and have a biobased carbon content of more than 90% (determined according to ASTM D 6866). Containers for pressurized pump sprayers as well as thin-walled plastic bottles for the packaging sector can be produced from Bio HDPE. The Green HDPE material not only has an outstanding durability, but also ensures that the bottles are lightweight, food-safe and dishwasher-safe, and can even be produced in different colors.

The biobased Green PE is considered a so-called drop-in solution, i.e. there is no difference chemically and mechanically to the properties of a petroleum-based polyethylene. It can therefore directly replace fossil PE and can be processed just as excellently on existing plastics processing machines.

With biobased bioplastics, you can combine sustainability with future-oriented material properties and reduce CO2 emissions.