Construction toy "Binabo" from TicToys

Now made from a customized Green PE compound - softer, more flexible and even easier to play with

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Niklas Voß

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TicToys has chosen the bioplastic compound Terralene® from FKuR for its “Binabo” construction toy. By using Terralene®, TicToys is taking a significant step forward in the quality assurance of Binabo! The plastic material based on renewable raw materials guarantees the toy’s stability and durability. Long-term tests show that the Binabo chips are hardly destroyable!

Bioplastic compound for injection molding:
Binabo toys made from Terralene® resist the highest stresses and strains

As a pioneer in the toy industry, TicToys has been using innovative, ecological materials since 2013. The Binabo plastic components made from renewable raw materials are just as light, robust, tear-resistant and waterproof as conventional plastic. It is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The material is also white crack-free, i.e. highly flexible, and can therefore withstand the highest (bending) loads. It is odorless and tasteless, harmless in contact with food and free from bisphenol A (BPA) or other harmful substances. It can also be optimally colored. The Terralene® used by TicToys is a so-called bio-based drop-in bioplastic. Terralene® is suitable for processing by extrusion, injection molding and blow molding and is recyclable. This means that high material quality is optimally combined with safety, sustainability and recyclability.

Construct and play, giving free rein to your imagination

Binabo is much more than just a ball. Binabo is a creative building set, a construction and movement game that can be assembled from multiple parts. Even the youngest ones can unleash their creativity by simply clicking the Binabo chips together. The Binabo pieces are made from a bio-based polyethylene compound. The renewable raw material used as a basis for the production of Bio-PE is sugarcane. In a multi-stage process, bio-ethylene is produced, which is then polymerized into bio-polyethylene. The process is similar to the conventional method of producing polyethylene from petroleum, but sustainable and renewable resources are used here. This allows for a meaningful contribution to the conservation of fossil resources.

Especially flexible, lightweight, & in fresh colors


Für sein Konstruktionsspielzeug „Binabo 2.0“ setzt TicToys auf das Biokunststoff-Compound Terralene® von FKuR.

Fresh colors don’t just appeal to children! That’s why Binabo comes in a wide range of colors. The Terralene® granulate from FKuR can be perfectly dyed with standard or bio-masterbatches!

The individual chips also require a certain strength to ensure dimensional stability – on the other hand, the parts must be soft enough for small children’s hands to bend the components. With the colorful and robust components made of Terralene®, everything from balls, towers, and cones to throwing discs and even complex shapes can be constructed. Whether small or large, the designed figures are lightweight and can be easily grasped and thrown by small children, while older ones can kick and juggle to their heart’s content.

Nearly indestructible: tear- and water-resistant

TicToys construction toy made from FKuR – bioplastic is an extremely durable product, an important indicator of sustainability. The high durability of the material ensures years of playtime fun, even if the Binabo construction is left outdoors.

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