As a specialist in the field of bioplastics, FKuR offers a broad portfolio of various extrusion and injection molding grades. Depending on the grade, FKuR products guarantee a long service life or are biodegradable and break down into naturally occurring, harmless base materials.
As a result of their diverse and tailored properties, FKuR bioplastics have become firmly established in many commercial areas, from agricultural applications, exible bags and packaging solutions to electronic products or toys.
All FKuR bioplastics are complete products which do not require any further modification. They can be processed directly on existing equipment as a drop-in solution.
The FKuR product includes own compound developments as well as a variety of bio-based distribution products.


Discover more about our bioplastics in our image brochure. Are you looking for technical specifications and examples application examples of our products? Then please have a look at our technical brochure.

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We would be pleased to show you the various solutions that are possible with our bioplastics. Just choose a manufacturing process and your desired end product.

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