Veränderungen muss man aktiv in die Hand nehmen. Investiere in unseren Planeten

10 Ways to live more Sustainability

Invest in our planet with our 10 simple ideas for a more sustainable everyday life!!!

Invest in our planet!

We at FKuR are convinced that together we can create a prosperous and sustainable future where nature is not only protected but revitalized and we can hand over a healthy planet to our children and their children! Every day we experience how beautiful the world and our nature can be. And shouldn’t it be our goal to pass on to everyone exactly this feeling of having the freedom to be in nature? Shouldn’t every person and following generations in the world have the chance to experience this feeling as well?

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We think change is something you have to actively take into your own hands. That’s why we’ve put together 10 simple ideas on how we can all be more aware of our lives and make everyday life more sustainable – and not just on Earth Day.

10 simple tips for sustainability in everyday life

1. Live responsibly!
Become aware of how valuable raw materials are.

2. Buy more consciously!
Buy with awareness in order to waste less food. Think carefully about which foods you need – a shopping list helps immensely. And if you have bought too much, there are surely food sharing concepts in your area where you can pass on food.

3. Sustainable food consumption
Does it have to be the strawberry in December? Or the cheap meat from the discounter? Try to buy seasonal products and especially regional products. Many fruits and vegetables are grown in far-away regions and are shipped thousands of kilometers, which produces huge amounts of CO2.
Who would like to do even more buys “bio” food, these are produced under strict conditions for the protection of the environment.

4. Use reusable instead of disposable!
You go shopping? Think about having your own shopping bag, stay-fresh can or reusable net for your groceries. Need a boost of coffeine on the go? Even if you forget your own cup, it doesn’t have to be the disposable kind. Many vendors now participate in reusable concepts. You can simply return the reusable to-go cup you borrowed to any participating store – a real alternative. Like many other tips for more sustainability, taking your own packaging with you on a daily basis requires a little “practice.” But once you get used to it, it’s really easy.

5. Reduce packaging
Packaging is important and has many benefits: Packaging protects products from damage, contamination or loss of quality, and simplifies transportation and storage. They also prevent food from spoiling quickly. The longer shelf life means less food is thrown away. However, many products are unnecessarily packaged. Therefore, be conscious of buying products that are either not packaged at all or only slightly packaged. Shopping at the farmer’s or at the weekly market is also a good way to save on food packaging. Important: If packaging is unavoidable, it is important to dispose of it correctly so that it can be recycled.

6. Repair instead of buying new
In our throwaway society it is often cheaper to buy a new product instead of repairing an item. Give broken appliances and defective clothes a second chance! It is worth it! Repairing not only protects the environment and your wallet, but also makes you smarter and happier than buying new.

7. Use a bike instead of a car: a real alternative for the environment and your health!
Cycling is not only fun. If you move in the fresh air, you strengthen your immune system and protect the climate at the same time. But like other tips for more sustainability, it can be difficult to give up your car completely at the beginning, because familiar routines have to be planned in advance. Maybe you’d like to try cycling instead of driving – whether it’s to the grocery store, to work, or for a short trip in between? We at FKuR also cycle together for the climate.

8. Dispose of waste properly!
Even in the most beautiful places in the world we find garbage that has been carelessly thrown away. The traces of our consumer behavior can now be found almost everywhere and pollute people and animals. In order to actively protect our earth from the flood of garbage, you can try to consume fewer products with packaging on the one hand and dispose of your garbage correctly on the other.

You want to achieve a visible effect? Every day, pick up five pieces of trash that you come across along roadsides or in parks. For example, while jogging, on your way home from work/school, or while visiting a park or playground.

9. Buy consciously and wear the clothes longer: practice sustainable fashion
Clothes make the man: so also buy clothes sustainable, organic & fair. Manufacturers of sustainable clothing pay attention to environmentally friendly products and sustainable production by using organic materials or recycled fibers. In this way, energy and resources can be conserved and no environmental toxins are used. Often, you can easily repair clothes yourself and at the same time brighten them up. If this is not possible, dispose of your clothes in an environmentally friendly way.

10. Reduce electricity consumption!
In almost all household areas you can reduce your consumption with simple tricks. Many of your devices run continuously, in stand-by mode, and as a consumer you hardly pay attention to it. Your TV, for example, runs in standby mode for about 20 hours a day.


10 Ways to live more Sustainability

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day either! But if we all have a new vision of the future in mind, and constantly take small steps to improve, then we have the potential to reshape the world. Every year, EarthDay takes place on April 22. This provides a good opportunity to reflect not only on the state of our planet, but also the direction in which we are heading. At FKuR, we are particularly concerned about protecting and saving our environment.