10 einfache Vorschläge zusammengestellt, wie wir alle unser Leben bewusster und den Alltag nachhaltiger gestalten können – nicht nur am Earth Day.

Earth Day 2022

Who says you can't change the world?

Every year, EarthDay takes place on April 22. This provides a good opportunity to reflect not only on the state of our planet, but also the direction in which we are heading. At FKuR, we are particularly concerned about protecting and saving our environment. For us, circular economy is not the latest trend, but our way of life! That’s why we develop and produce innovative raw materials for the circular economy. Together we create the change to innovation.

We invest in our planet

At FKuR, we think ahead and work today on solutions for tomorrow. For us, the direction is clear: the future of plastics comes without CO2. Greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the climate must be a fact of the past. That’s why it’s important that we protect our planet’s fossil resources and use renewable and replenishable resources wherever possible. Let’s raise awareness and inspire each other with sustainable ideas and solutions.

That’s why we’ve put together 10 simple ideas to get started now. With these tips and tricks, we show what each of us can do in everyday life to protect the environment – not only on Earthday!