Biobased TPE-Compounds for Extrusion and Injection Molding

Terraprene® is a bioplastics family of high-quality TPE compounds based on renewable resources. The Terraprene® TPE grades are equal to their fossil counterparts and are characterized by identical mechanical properties. The current product portfolio comprises various extrusion and injection molding grades, which can be processed on existing production equipment and tools.  

Influence of the proportion of renewable raw materials on the hardness of Terraprene®Products made from Terraprene® are distinguished by a smooth surface and pleasant haptic. Complex multi-functional parts can also be realized using Terraprene® in 2C-injection molding process. For the manufacture of products with unique and noticeable design features, fillings with wood fibers or other natural fibers are possible. Woody surfaces with a soft touch can be realized this way, thus the visualization of soft and natural surfaces is provided.

Terraprene® standard grades offer a wide spectrum of shore hardness varying from Shore A 40 to D 40, in addition individual adjustments according to customers’ requirements are always possible.

Advantages of Terraprene® at a glance:

  • based on renewable resources
  • Offers same properties and performance as fossil TPE
  • Low odor
  • Pleasant touch and feel
  • Shore Hardness from Shore A 40 to Shore D 40 (upon customer request)
  • Individual adjustments of properties possible
  • Manufacturing of tailor-made compounds through the use of appropriate additives possible


The current product range includes the following grades:

Terraprene® SI 501 & 601

Grade Shore Hardness BCC
Terraprene® SI 501 50A A 50 13%
Terraprene® SI 501 55A A 55 17%
Terraprene® SI 601 60A A 60 22%
Terraprene® SI 601 65A A 65 29%
Terraprene® SI 601 70A A 70 38%


Terraprene® SI 701 & 801 - TPE-Compounds with high biobased content

These Terraprene® grades are available in Shore A40 to A80. Their properties are largely similar to those of conventional TPE-S grades. Typical applications include two-component injection molding, especially with polyolefins, which provide good adhesion.

Grade Shore Hardness BCC
Terraprene® SI 701 45A A 45 58%
Terraprene® SI 801 55A A 55 62%
Terraprene® SI 801 75A A 75 70%
Terraprene® SI 801 80A A 80 74%


Terraprene® CI - Oil-free TPE Compounds

New within the biobased Terraprene TPE compounds are two oil-free TPEs with Shore A hardness of 84 or 93. With their soft-touch surface, high resistance to kinking and deformation, they can substitute TPE-O and PVC in many injection molding applications.

Grade Shore Hardness BCC
Terraprene® CI 250 84A A 84 48%
Terraprene® CI 450 93A A 93 81%