Terraprene® SI 701

Terraprene® SI 701 is a product family of thermoplastic elastomer compounds (TPE compounds) with plant-based raw materials

MSDS TERRAPRENE SI 701 45A Technical Data Sheet MSDS TERRAPRENE SI 701 80A

Product information

The mechanical and physical properties of our bio-based Terraprene® SI 701 compounds are close to those of TPE compounds based on fossil raw materials. The Shore hardness can be adjusted individually, but the standard types are in 45 Shore A to 80 Shore A and have a bio content of up to 60%. In addition, they can be easily dyed and are suitable for contact with food.

Biobased carbon content


Shore hardness

45 A to 80 A

Typical applications

2C injection molding, soft-touch handles, handles e.g. for two-wheelers, sealing rings and closures, consumer goods, toys and care products

Processing methods

You can process Terraprene® SI 701 with these methods: