Terraprene® SI 801

Terraprene® SI 801 are biobased TPEs with a high content of renewable raw materials and hardnesses from 55 Shore A to 80 Shore A

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Product information

Terraprene® SI 801 bio-TPEs are based to a large extent on renewable raw materials. Depending on the product type, this is between 62% and 74%. The hardness of the products varies between Shore hardnesses 55 A to 80 A. The mechanical properties correspond to those of fossil TPE-S grades. Products made of Terraprene® SI 801 are characterized by a smooth surface and a pleasant haptic, which provide a special touch-and-feel experience. All types can be easily dyed and are recyclable in closed circuits. Typical applications include two-component injection molding, especially together with polyolefins on which good adhesion is achieved.

Biobased carbon content

62% to 74%

Shore hardness

55 A to 80 A

Typical applications

2C injection molding, soft-touch handles, handles e.g. for two-wheelers, sealing rings and closures, consumer goods, toys and care products

Processing methods

You can process Terraprene® SI 801 with these methods: