Bio-Flex® 3D Clear is a biodegradable polymer compound specifically engineered to make 3D printing filaments.

As a transparent material, filament made from Bio-Flex 3D Clear is ideally suited for printing more rigid components. However, when compared with pure PLA,  filaments made from Bio-Flex 3D Clear offer increased flexibility and are less brittle. When printed with the recommended optimal printing parameters, cracking and distortion can therefore be avoided.
Coloring of this material is easily possible and the smooth surface finish of Bio-Flex 3D Clear material gives the component a pleasant feel.

This Bioflex grade can contain up to 90% renewable resource material. The bio-based content is measured using the ASTM D 6866 C-14 method.

Data sheets

The safety data sheet and the technical data sheet are available for download in pdf format below.

Safety Data Sheet Bio-Flex® 3D Clear

Technical Data Sheet Bio-Flex® 3D Clear