Bio-Flex® FX 1135

Certified soil-degradable bioplastic for mulch films and agricultural films

Material Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet OK Biodegradable SOIL Certificate

Product information

Bio-Flex® FX 1135 has been awarded the OK biodegradable SOIL seal by TÜV Austria. This soil-degradable, ready-to-use compound is characterized by very good mechanical properties and easy processing on conventional equipment. Layer thickness reductions down to 8µm are possible depending on the requirements. It is particularly suitable for the production of compostable mulch films. These can be ploughed under after harvest and left in the soil. This saves farmers the costly and tedious process of removal and recycling. In addition, Bio-Flex® can also be used for films in the food contact sector.

Biobased carbon content

10% in compliance with ASTM D6866

Certified soil degradable

TÜV Austria / OK biodegradable SOIL



Processing methods

You can process Bio-Flex® FX 1135 with these methods: