Bio-Flex® S 7514

Outstandingly processable, biobased injection molding compound with high heat resistance for dishwasher-safe utensils

Material Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet OK Compost Industrial Certificate

Product information

Bio-Flex® S 7514 is a comparatively rigid thermoplastic material with very good impact properties. Due to its good flowability, S 7514 is also suitable for use in multi-cavity molds and for the production of molded parts with long flow paths. Thanks to its high temperature resistance, this grade can be processed at high mold temperatures. In addition, Bio-Flex® S 7514 is suitable for utility or packaging articles with hot filling or use at elevated temperatures. Fast cycle times for processing on standard plastic processing machines are possible with this type. Bio-Flex® S 7514 is also approved for contact with food.

Biobased carbon content


Melt flow rate (190°C/2.16kg)

24.0 g/10 min

Certified industrially compostable

in compliance with EN 13432 at TÜV Austria / OK Compost Industrial

Processing methods

You can process Bio-Flex® S 7514 with these methods: