I’m green™ LLDPE SLH 218

Biobased LLDPE with good elasticity for tubular films and cable sheathings

Material Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Product information

SLH218 is a biobased LLDPE-hexene-copolymer. It has a good balance between optical and mechanical properties (especially elasticity), sealability and processability.
It contains very little gel.

Biobased carbon content

84% in compliance with ASTM 6866

Melt flow rate (190°C/2.16kg)

2.3 g/10 min

Typical applications

Blends with HDPE or LDPE, irrigation pipes, low and medium voltage XLPE insulation for cables and wires, flexible packaging, stretch films

Processing methods

You can process I’m green™ LLDPE SLH 218 with these methods: